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With our products for SharePoint and Office 365, you can take advantage of easy to handle and time-saving programms.

What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is a part of SharePoint Office 365. With SharePoint Online you can use all advantages of SharePoint, without having to install hard- or software.
With SharePoint Online you can simplify collaboration teams and make social computing come true in your company.
This enables easy collaboration with colleagues and customers.

Are you using SAP and SharePoint?

We offer programs allowing you to edit projects or inquiries at any time, even on mobile devices.
Our programms are renowned for their easy and intuitive handling.


  • Mobile available
  • Easy project time recording
  • Intuitive handling

Meet ShareProjects
ShareProjects is designed for Office365 and Sharepoint.
ShareProjects is a user-friendly SharePoint-App for fast and easy time recording. ShareProjects also helps to organize projects and vacation plans.
The special feature of ShareProjects is that the data entered is stored directly in SharePoint. This enables you to edit your data in both ShareProjects and SharePoint.

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Contract Finder

  • Allocation of suspect payments
  • Overview to all contracts
  • Overview to the contract duration

The ContractFinder is a SAP-compatibe program.
This program helps you to analyze your payments on hte basis of your contracts, and see which payments are payed or outstanding.
Also, the ContractFinder can show you all contracts which may be connected to suspect payments. So you can allocate the suspect payment to a contract.
You also have the option to get informed when a contract expires.

SAM – Software Asset Management

  • Prevention of unnecessary costs
  • Current licens overview
  • Minimization of internal expenditures

In many companys the internal infrastructure is always in a change.
This makes it a challenge to keep track of the software licenses. SAM helps you to optimize and manage your licences. So you are best prepared when an software producer request your licences. With SAM you avoid overlicences and additional payments.
Our service is to create a licence overview and to advise you in finding an optimized licencemodel for your company.

More about SAM

Software Asset Management

SAP PowerBI Merger

  • Simple evaluation of SAP datas
  • Quick selection of datas
  • Preset filter

SAP provides a variety of data.
To select this data and prepare it to a report, we have developed a process.
So you just need 4 steps to evaluate SAP data via PowerBI. A manual analysis is obsolete.
With this process you can generate clear reports.


  • Quick help
  • Proposed solutions
  • Graphic aid

The webcast present you proposed solutions for your personal settings.
You get straightforward instructions with screen shots.


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