Evaluations of SAP data made easy

The PowerBI SAP Connector opens up new automation capabilities in reporting.

With the new PowerBI SAP Connector, evaluations of SAP data via PowerBI are very easy:
All data is available under SAP. Which data should be shown in report form, the user can freely put together. With these, for example, clear reports can be generated on a monthly basis. The advantage is that the previous manual reporting is automated.
The PowerBI SAP Connector automatically makes the report available at time intervals in PowerBI. Of course, this report is then also for the user within PowerBI callable or representable.

The essential benefit
• The previous manual reporting is completely eliminated

Power BI SAP Connector: The 4-Step Process
• Step 1: Preselection
Here the data is defined and roughly selected for the
corresponding reports
• Step 2: Mask for refinement
A refinement mask that you can automate
• Step 3: Evaluation in SAP
• Step 4: Visualization in PowerBI