Mail delivery of documents from SAP

Debtors are increasingly being asked to request documents digitally.

The ShareGo solution Mail delivery of documents from SAP is an add-on for the SAP standard functionality and adds important functionalities such as fine-tuning, controlled delivery at the desired time, visual pre-control, individual e-mail text modules, signatures, definition of plant names Add business documents, and more, to meet the diverse needs of digital document delivery customers beyond the standard SAP functionality.

The solution Mailing of documents from SAP allows the automatic collection of SapScript / SmartForm billing documents for sending mail. Here, additional attributes of the customer can be used to control which debtors want to receive the documents digitally and to which mail recipients (recipient, copy, blind copy) they should be sent.
Several message types of a billing document, such as an invoice with an associated activity report and an expense report, can be combined as a PDF attachment to form an e-mail message. In addition, any business documents that are added as attachments to an SAP billing document can be added to the e-mail message as additional attachments.
The e-mail text with subject line, formatting, logo and signature binder can be assembled automatically from text modules. In addition to a standard text, individual e-mail texts can be deposited at the customer. In addition, individual control via user exits is possible.

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