The process of internal and external order processing for employees in medium to large companies is very costly in business terms – financially as well as organizationally. First, purchase requisitions are entered in the SAP R / 3 system. Although this provides support for the procurement process, the interface from the requestor to the approver to the reviewer with a review and approval process is associated with high licensing costs. The various steps of the process flow are usually forwarded to the approving instances via paper-based forms without the control of a workflow management system, or even done on demand and are difficult to understand later. Delays due to transport and long lay times are crucial shortcomings. Other disadvantages are the non-transparent flow of information about the current process status and unforeseen delays due to special routes.
With the BANF Manager, we have developed an efficient solution that automates the approval process of purchase requisitions, making it much easier, faster, and safer. In addition, the process becomes traceable and calculable. The processes that SAP generates – for example, a purchase requisition – are synchronized by adding BANF Manager to SharePoint and the releases are reported back to SAP.

Efficient solution for the automation of purchase requisitions

  • Connector.


    Create BANF in SAP

  • Connector.

    Immediate availability in ShareBANF

    Select BANF

  • Connector.

    Change status

    Change status

“With the new SAP add-in for ShareBANF, we have an efficient solution for automating the approval process for purchase requisitions.”Sven Schmidt, Projektmanager

See the screenshots below for an explanation of ShareBANF

Target Process

  • Sketching target process
  • Define requirements


  • Process from requirement request to order

  • Overview Workflows

Project selection from SAP

  • Choose new project
  • Enter project
  • Click on Save

Screenshot Order Request

  • Date
  • Value
  • Status

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